libhext: C++ Library Documentation  1.0.9-c8ac8b6
hext Directory Reference


file  AppendPipe.h [code]
 Declares hext::AppendPipe.
file  AttributeCapture.h [code]
 Declares hext::AttributeCapture.
file  AttributeCountMatch.h [code]
 Declares hext::AttributeCountMatch.
file  AttributeMatch.h [code]
 Declares hext::AttributeMatch.
file  BeginsWithTest.h [code]
 Declares hext::BeginsWithTest.
file  Builtins.h [code]
 Contains every predefined CaptureFunction.
file  Capture.h [code]
 Declares hext::Capture.
file  CaptureFunction.h [code]
 Declares hext::CaptureFunction.
file  CasePipe.h [code]
 Declares hext::CasePipe.
file  ChildCountMatch.h [code]
 Declares hext::ChildCountMatch.
file  Cloneable.h [code]
 Defines template hext::Cloneable.
file  CollapseWsPipe.h [code]
 Declares hext::CollapseWsPipe.
file  ContainsTest.h [code]
 Declares hext::ContainsTest.
file  ContainsWordsTest.h [code]
 Declares hext::ContainsWordsTest.
file  EndsWithTest.h [code]
 Declares hext::EndsWithTest.
file  EqualsTest.h [code]
 Declares hext::EqualsTest.
file  FunctionCapture.h [code]
 Declares hext::FunctionCapture.
file  FunctionMatch.h [code]
 Declares hext::FunctionMatch.
file  FunctionValueMatch.h [code]
 Declares hext::FunctionValueMatch.
file  Hext.h [code]
 Convenience header that includes all of hext.
file  Html.h [code]
 Declares hext::Html.
file  HtmlTag.h [code]
 All valid HTML tags.
file  Match.h [code]
 Declares hext::Match.
file  MatchFunction.h [code]
 Declares hext::MatchFunction.
file  MaxSearchError.h [code]
 Declares hext::MaxSearchError.
file  NegateMatch.h [code]
 Declares hext::NegateMatch.
file  NegateTest.h [code]
 Declares hext::NegateTest.
file  NthChildMatch.h [code]
 Declares hext::NthChildMatch.
file  OnlyChildMatch.h [code]
 Declares hext::OnlyChildMatch.
file  ParseHext.h [code]
 Declares hext::ParseHext.
file  PrependPipe.h [code]
 Declares hext::PrependPipe.
file  RegexPipe.h [code]
 Declares hext::RegexPipe.
file  RegexReplacePipe.h [code]
 Declares hext::RegexReplacePipe.
file  RegexTest.h [code]
 Declares hext::RegexTest.
file  Result.h [code]
 Typedefs for results returned from capturing HTML.
file  Rule.h [code]
 Declares hext::Rule.
file  StringPipe.h [code]
 Declares hext::StringPipe.
file  SyntaxError.h [code]
 Declares hext::SyntaxError.
file  TrimPipe.h [code]
 Declares hext::TrimPipe.
file  TypeRegexMatch.h [code]
 Declares hext::TypeRegexMatch.
file  ValueTest.h [code]
 Declares hext::ValueTest.
file  Version.h [code]
 Version numbers.
file  Visibility.h [code]